Plant - plant interactions

The number of each paper in the list corresponds to the number in the complete list of publications.

  1. Troncoso, A.J., Cabezas, N.J., Faúndez, E.H., Urzúa, A. & Niemeyer, H.M. 238. (2010)238. Host-mediated volatile polymorphism in a parasitic plant influences its attractiveness to pollinators. Oecologia 238. 162: 413-425.
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  2. Lemaitre, A.B., Troncoso, A.J. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2012) Host preference of a temperate mistletoe: Disproportional infection on three co-occurring host species influenced by differential success. Austral Ecology 37: 339-345.
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