The number of each paper in the list corresponds to the number in the complete list of publications.

  1. Pinto, C.F., Torrico-Bazoberry, D., Penna, M., Cossio-Rodríguez, R., Cocroft, R., Appel, H., Niemeyer, H.M. (2019) Chemical responses of Nicotiana tabacum (Solanaceae) induced by vibrational signals of a generalist herbivore. Journal of Chemical Ecology 45: 708-714.
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  2. Cossio-Rodríguez, R., Cocroft, R.B., Niemeyer, H.M. & Pinto, C.F. (2019) Mate searching in Ennya maculicornis (Membracidae: Polyglyptini) initiated by females: behavioral and acoustic descriptions. Ecological Entomology 44: 406-412.
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