The number of each paper in the list corresponds to the number in the complete list of publications.

  1. Ramírez, C.C., Villagra, C.A. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2006) Increased xylem ingestion and decreased phloem ingestion in the aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum (Hemiptera: Aphididae) parasitised by Aphidius ervi (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). European Journal of Entomology 103: 263-265.
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  2. Guerrero, C., Espinoza, L., Niemeyer, H.M. & Simonetti, J.A. (2006) Using fecal profiles of bile acids to assess habitat use by threatened carnivores in the Maulino forest of central Chile. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 79: 89-95.
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  3. Rodríguez, L.C., Pascual, U. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2006) Local identification and valuation of ecosystem goods and services from Opuntia scrublands of Ayacucho, Peru. Ecological Economics 57: 30-44.
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  4. Valdivia, C.E. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2006) Do floral syndromes predict specialisation in plant pollination systems? Assessment of diurnal and nocturnal pollination on Escallonia myrtoidea. New Zealand Journal of Botany 44: 135-141.
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  5. Bustamante, R.O., Chacón, P. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2006) Chemical defences in plants: an analysis of the vascular flora of Chile. Chemoecology 16: 145-151.
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  6. Valdivia, C.E. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2006) Do pollinators correlatedly select inflorescence size and amount of floral scents? An experimental assessment on Escallonia myrtoidea. Austral Ecology 31: 897-903.
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