The number of each paper in the list corresponds to the number in the complete list of publications.

  1. Lagos, N.A., Fuentes-Contreras, E., Bozinovic, F. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2001) Behavioural thermoregulation in Acyrthosiphon pisum (Homoptera: Aphididae): the effect of parasitism by Aphidius ervi (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). Journal of Thermal Biology 26: 133-137.
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  2. Costa-Arbulú, C., Gianoli, E., Gonzáles, W.L. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2001) Feeding by the aphid Sipha flava produces a reddish spot on leaves of Sorghum halepense: an induced defense? Journal of Chemical Ecology 27: 273-283.
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  3. Gonzáles, W.L., Gianoli, E. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2001) Plant quality versus risk of parasitism: within-plant distribution and performance of the corn leaf aphid, Rhopalosiphum maidis. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 3: 29-33.
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  4. Labra, A., Beltrán, S. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2001) Chemical exploratory behavior in the lizard Liolaemus bellii. Journal of Herpetology 35: 51-55.
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  5. Rodríguez, L.C., Méndez, M.A. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2001) Direction of dispersion of cochineal (Dactylopius coccus Costa) within the Americas. Antiquity 75: 73-77.
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  6. Rodríguez, L.C. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2001) Cochineal production: a pre-Columbian industry that revives. Athena Review 2: 76-78.
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  8. Caballero, P.P., Ramírez, C.C. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2001) Specialisation pattern of the aphid Rhopalosiphum maidis is not modified by experience on a novel host. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 100:43-52.
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  9. Labra, A., Escobar, C.A. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2001) Chemical discrimination in Liolaemus lizards: comparison of behavioral and chemical data. In: Chemical Signals in Vertebrates, Volume 9. Marchelewska-Koj, A., Lepri, F. & Müller-Schwarze, D., eds., Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, pp. 437-444.
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  10. Escobar, C.A., Labra, A. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2001) Chemical composition of precloacal secretions of Liolaemus lizards. Journal of Chemical Ecology 27: 1677-1690.
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  11. Ojeda-Camacho, M., Rodríguez, L.C. & Niemeyer, H.M. (2001) Evaluación olfatométrica del parasitoide Aphidius ervi (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) de diferentes proveniencias y niveles de experiencia de oviposición, frente a volátiles de plantas y de complejos planta-hospedero. Revista Chilena de Entomología 28: 63-69.
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